Whether you’re setting your first fitness goal or your fiftieth, this guide to setting SMART fitness and nutrition goals will help you succeed!

According to research out of the University of Scranton, roughly 45 percent of Americans make resolutions come January 1, and “losing weight” and “getting fit and healthy” always rank near the top of the list. While these resolutions are indeed admirable, unfortunately only 8 percent of “resolutionaries” successfully reach their goals, often due to a lack of proper goal-setting.1

We live in a society of instant gratification, so rather than setting aside time to gather resources, gain knowledge, and set up a feasible plan, people tend to look for quick fixes. What happens when they don’t reach their goals in the first few weeks? They lose interest and quit.

With constant exposure to diet and nutrition (mis)information coming from social media, celebrities, gimmicky infomercials, and even the resident know-it-all at the gym, it’s no wonder people find themselves making the same goals year after year.

If you want to nail your resolutions and succeed this year, you simply have to set realistic goals, follow sustainable nutrition practices, and be SMART.

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